Choose How Much Control You Want

Homeowners have a myriad of control options ranging from simple non programmable thermostats, all the way up to Multi-Program Wi-Fi models that will even email you when it is time to change your filters. 

Whether you want something simple or the most technologically advanced control available, talk to your estimator about it when he arrives. Talk about how you will use it, what you want it to do for you, how easy /or hard you want the programing to be, even how you want it to look on your wall. 

A 97% efficient furnace will be 97% efficient regardless of what control you use, the control just enables you to select how you want it to perform and what features that are built into the intelligence of your furnace you want to use.

Your estimator will make control recommendations  based on your discussions with him and odds are you will be perfectly happy with your selection, but we don’t want you wishing a month after installation that you had one that did more…or less. All our controls come with a no questions asked 90 days exchange guarantee, either love it………or get us to replace it with another model.