For more than 38 years Dyand has been installing Central Air Conditioning in the Edmonton Area. Just because you only use central air a couple of months a year does not mean that it does not have to be installed professionally and correctly. We take the same attention to detail when installing your air conditioning as we do when installing your heating system that you rely on year round. Dyand was the first company (and today remains the only one) to offer no nonsense package pricing. All our air conditioning package prices include your permit, condenser, coil, 25 feet of line set, electrical work and pad . As long as you have two empty spaces in your electrical it is very rare that extras will be required. Basically, everything needed for most installations is included in our package pricing. A no nonsense pricing policy makes it simple. When we complete an estimate on your home we will provide you the package price and clearly break out extras, those that are required by building code versus those that are discretionary allowing you to make an educated decision. Our goal is not to confuse, it's to simplify.

The Process

1. Start by requesting a quote through this site or phoning us.

2. An estimator will come to your home and provide you with a no obligation quotation

3. When you approve of the installation, contact your estimator, he will process the paperwork and book your installation date.

4. Your air conditioner will be installed on the day booked by your estimator

5. Most Air Conditioning installations take half a day. You can request an AM or PM installation

6. The homeowner then calls the City or County for Final Inspection.

Estimates are only estimates until you agree to proceed, at that point they become fixed prices. The amount you are quoted is the amount you pay, no exceptions so book an estimate today by calling or emailing us.

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