People often think of garage heaters to be a luxury without thinking about the perks! The benefit of heating your garage does not stop at avoiding the minus 40 degree shock on our cold winter mornings. A warm car not only starts better but there is less wear and tear on the engine.

Have a bonus room over your garage? If your garage is at minus 20 it is very hard to keep that room warm, heat your garage and suddenly you can manage the temperature in that room much better. Of course, if you use your garage as a workshop then a garage heater makes life so much better.

We carry both Radiant and Forced Air Heaters so tell your estimator what you plan to use your garage for during the winter and they will recommend the most energy efficient model to suit your needs. Most Garage Heater installations are complete within 2 days of estimate. Dyand installs more garage heaters than any of our competitors and our buying power means you always save money.

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Garage Heaters