Maintenance Tips

While our expert technicians are available 24/7 to assist you with your heating and cooling maintenance, we would like to offer some simple tips for the minor maintenance of your system. All of these tips are aimed at making the most of your air conditioner or furnace. This can be very beneficial to you, as regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your warranty is upheld.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Your air conditioner requires very little maintenance to keep it in top performing condition. Follow these simple tips and to make the most of your home’s cooling system.

1. Changing your furnace filter in the spring before you start up your air conditioner for the summer is the most helpful and important thing you can do. If it appears dirty, is partially clogged or has a coating of dust, it is time to change the filter. Your furnace circulates the cool air from your air conditioner, so if the filter is clogged, it will not circulate the amount of cool air the AC unit is generating (precious, cool air wasted!) and can cause your AC coil to freeze up. Annual filter checks will make your AC unit run more efficiently and will help you save in potential repair costs.

2. Make a habit of inspecting the area around your outdoor condenser and ensure there is nothing blocking the air circulation.

3. At the end of the AC season, cover your outdoor condenser. While our brands’ condensers are made to withstand the elements, covering it can’t hurt!

Furnace Maintenance Tips

Routine maintenance for the operational efficiency of your heating system is simple: make sure the filter gets changed when it is supposed to. Follow the handy guide below to determine when your next furnace filter (or humidifier evaporator pad) change should be:

1” inch furnace filter – Replace monthly

Eco-Allergy Filter – Replace every 6 months

4” Cartridge filter – Replace every 6 months

Infinity Air Cleaner Cartridge – Replace annually

Humidifier Pad – Replace annually

Dyand Mechanical maintains a full stock of the most common furnace filters. If Dyand Mechanical installed your heating system, the filter type will be on file. If not, we can find out which filter you require: just bring the old filter in and we will find the proper match for your furnace.